From The Dream To It.Better

It.Better was born by the dream of three great friends for spreading the italian taste towards other cultures.
Sons of old family traditions and passionate about typical such as gourmet italian cusine, they decided to merge their various professional and enterpreneurial expertise to make their dream come true.

Spreading the typical italian cusine is our goal.


Giuseppe Cimmino

High Tech Entrepreneur

Gaudenzio Garozzo

Chinese Medicine Doctor/Teacher

Gianfranco Ferro


Benchmarks Which We Stick To


Keen selection of the ingredients,
grown in italian farms and crafted
through the expertice of our chefs.


Attention to deliver pleasure and
harmony to the senses, assuring
the total healthiness of the recipe.


Respect for the tradition
and creation of new combination
to surprise the senses.

Research and Development

Ongoing experimentation of techniques and flavours
to enanche the taste and preserve the tradition


Research Is Our Way To Pursue Success

It.Better collaborates with food experts and chefs that help to bring the flavours of the recipes to their utmost.

Each recipe is the result of an ongoing research through the best regional specialities. It.Better choose recipes which are unique both for the respect for the tradition and for the quality of the ingredients.

All meals are frozen with a particular technique to preserve the original taste of every single ingredient. The aim is to preserve the real taste and export a real ‘made-in-Italy’ emotion.