Fresh & Delicious Taste of Italy

Serving Home-Made Typical Italian Cusine Straight To Your Home, Ready To Eat.


Choosing It.Better is entering each of this thousand years old cultures, and experiencing them through selectively chosen recipes.

Why Then Choosing The Italian Food?

Italian culinary culture is a collection of recipes that are linked to a specific region in it. So that southern rather than northern or center Italy has got very different flavours that reflect the people, the landscape, the climate and the type of soil. In terms of nutrition it’s considered one of the healthiest diets.

That is of no surprise for us, as our generous land provides us with nutritious vegetables, fruits, legumes, mushrooms and these well nourish our farm animals, giving us cheese and meat of first quality.


Wholesale Retailer for U.S. Market

Based in Miami, FL, It.Better has oriented his distribution towards the U.S. B2B market, competing with a high profile products that could boost the value of the top players in the restaurant industry.

Spreading the typical italian cusine is our goal.

Only the
freshest healthiest ingredients
keys of our success!


Trends Of Street-food.
A Wordlwide Overview

Worldwide the street food, also renowned by FAO as «ready-to-eat food», is keeping growing higher since many years. Demand and offer are increasing and a radical evolution is changing this market: from simple, cheap and satisfating food, street food is getting more and more attention from worldwide famous chefs, critics, consumers and entrepreneurs.

In 2015, Accenture affirmed that the market which only a bit of time ago was binded to non-innovative meals, is getting sharper, so that in the next years people will see even more gourmet street food.

Street food is a gastronomic trend today. A phenomenon of the transformation in the habits and tastes of people which in 2016 went towords bio, gourmet, gluten free and traditional food


A ‘Rosticceria’, literally ‘deli food restaurant’, is an idea generated from the need of the italian folk to get the best of the traditional street food pret-a-manger and enjoying it while strolling along the streets of the small villages or of the big cities.


Typically, in the rosticceria you can find ready-to-eat fried, roasted or simply hot specialities. Usually served in the traditional ‘cuoppo’, a conic bag made by rolling a paper square, the flavours of the sea and the earth are picked with a wooden stick and driven to the mouth with an elegant or a rough gesture, depending on the style of the person.


This deli food restaurant adresses to the rich and the poor, giving everyone the chance to enjoy this ancient and basic pleasure of going somewhere while having a good meal.

Benchmarks Which We Stick To


Keen selection of the ingredients,
grown in italian farms and crafted
through the expertice of our chefs.


Attention to deliver pleasure and
harmony to the senses, assuring
the total healthiness of the recipe.


Respect for the tradition
and creation of new combination
to surprise the senses.

Research and Development

Ongoing experimentation of techniques and flavours
to enanche the taste and preserve the tradition

Italy, Land Of History
And Traditions

From the ancient streetfood
of the southern Naples and Sicily
to the delightful cusine
of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.


Flavours that walks through
the story of a population
with countless origins,


Greeks and Germans,
Romans and Arabs.
A melting pot of races that
found in this tiny land...


...blessed by the sun
and caressed by the Mediterranean

sea a place to enjoy the beauty
of nature and the flavours of food.